Call for posters

The conference offers the possibility of taking part in the form of a scientific poster.

For this purpose, the quality and suitability of research and contributions that provide relevant information on aristocratic estates in al-Andalus and Islamic Sicily will be taken into account. The following instructions should be followed for submission and subsequent evaluation:

  • Authors must send a brief summary (max. 2000 characters) of the work exclusively through the form provided for this purpose before August 24th, 2022. After submission, they will receive an automated receipt to the email address of the main author of the proposal.
  • Before September 4th, the conference coordination will inform the authors whether their proposal has been accepted or rejected, as well as any suggestions for improvement.
  • The selected authors must register in order to correctly finalise their admission to the congress. In the case of papers signed by several authors, the presentation will only be certified for those who have registered.
  • The design of the poster is free, but it must be printed in A0 vertical format (841 x 1189 mm). The poster design must include the logo of the conference and the logo of the authors' institutions of affiliation, which must be clearly indicated on the poster.
  • Authors must print out and bring their posters to the congress at the beginning of the first session, so that they can be displayed on the panels set up for this purpose.
  • At least one of the authors must attend the conference in person, and virtual participation is not allowed. Registration can be made once the coordinators have notified that the poster has been accepted.
  • Posters will be visible from the second day of the congress in the common areas set up for that purpose. The definitive programme will indicate the timetable for their oral presentation to interested attendees, with a maximum of 10 minutes per poster..